Feel-Good Wealth

Feel good that your bank is powered by renewable electricity and never lends money to the fossil fuels industry.

Climate Action

Feel good that your bank is carbon neutral and never lends money to the fossil fuels industry.

As first responders, you and your colleagues are already dealing with the impact of climate change in Australia.

At Firefighters Mutual Bank, we lead by example to use money for good and make a positive impact on the planet.

We don’t take money from, or lend to, the fossil fuel industry. Plus, all new saving and home-loan products are certified responsible investments.

Put simply, it means your money, and the money we lend you, will never be used for industries that pollute the planet.

We also take action with our own carbon footprint. The bank is net zero for all Scope 1 and 2 emissions (electricity and fuel use) and is powered by 100% renewable electricity.

What we do

  1. We are the only bank in Australia that certifies all our home loans, deposit accounts and wholesale investment products to exclude fossil fuel industry investment.
  2. We have $1 billion of Certified Wholesale Responsible Investment based on fossil fuel exclusion.
  3. We use 100% renewable electricity for our operations.
  4. We are net zero for our Scope 1 and 2 emissions.


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