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Firefighters Mutual Bank member, Geoff Hooler's Bedfors water tanker

Of necessity and nostalgia

Some of the most ingenious ideas and innovations happen by accident

Retired station commander and Firefighters Mutual Bank member, Geoff Hooler, shares his story of giving a Bedford water tanker the opportunity to serve again.

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Firefighters Mutual Bank member, Keith Ashman with son-in-law, Troy Pepperell

All in the family

All in the family for ‘the best job you’ll ever have’

As a parent, there are few things better in life than your kids following in your footsteps, especially when it’s a career that you’ve dedicated over 20 years of service to.

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Bob Hall, Desma Lindenbaur and Bill Beare

Meet our first staff member

Meet our first staff member, Desma Lindenbaur

Here, she reflects on her time with the bank and helps us celebrate our 50th anniversary.

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Man sitting on couch holding a tablet and smiling

5 reasons to check your home loan rate today

Get the most out of your home loan

You might be tempted to 'set and forget' your home loan, but it’s important to reconsider your options every now and then. Here’s why.

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Man and woman at home in kitchen looking over a bill

Real-time payments explained

How you send and receive payments is getting a shakeup in 2018

What is the New Payments Platform and what does a real-time payment look like?

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A man and woman knee deep in water, walking out to boat with their luggage in tow

Is it time to plan your next holiday?

Your next holiday is just around the corner

When planning an overseas trip, how much thought do you put into spending money and what form that money will take? These days, there are a variety of options available.

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