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person uses digital watch to make eftpos payment

Are you ready to go cashless?

Aussies love anything new and innovative

In the past, ‘Cash Only’ signs used to sit in shop windows, but these days we are more likely to see ‘No Cash’ signs. Are you ready for a digital economy?

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firefighter using firehose

The ultimate challenge for firies

Hone your firefighting skills at the Firefighter Championships

If you’re after a physical challenge really worthy of a firie, then the Fire and Rescue NSW Firefighter Championships could be for you.

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Couple admiring interior of their property investment

Investment property 101

Property can be a rewarding investment.

Learn more about finding the right investment property, and what to consider.

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Man sitting at table working with note pad and phone

Tax tips for firefighters

What can you claim as a firefighter?

When the end of financial year rolls around, here’s what you can claim as a result of your firefighting duties.

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Male and female emergency service workers

Can a bank be responsible?

Where does your money go?

Make sure your hard-earned money isn’t funding businesses who don’t have the world’s best interests at heart.

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Traveller with suitcase watching planes take off at airport window

Tips for a scam free holiday

An acute bout of food poisoning isn’t the only thing you need to worry about while you’re out exploring the world!

Consider these handy tips for staying cyber safe when preparing for your next holiday.

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