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Money Tips

Looking for a few simple ways to save and manage your money? We've created a range of articles to help you reach your financial goals sooner.

A collection of Christmas decorations.

Top tips for Christmas on a budget

Ready to get your finances in shape for Christmas?

A few tips to help you plan a fun festive season without the financial strain!

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A pair of hands pat the soil beneath a newly planted flower.

Dust off the cobwebs - it’s time to spring clean your finances!

Simple ways to give your finances a face lift this spring

All it takes is giving your money a spring clean and you could save hundreds of dollars every year!

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A hand drops a coin into piggy bank.

Make the most of your tax return

Put this year’s return to good use with our tips!

Check out our ideas on what you could do with your tax return this year.

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A pair of hands grip the steering wheel of a new car.

Financing your new wheels - your options made simple

A guide to common car finance options

Take a look at our quick guide to common car finance options before you decide what’s best for you.

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A couple sit at the kitchen table using a laptop, working out what is tax deductible as a firefighter.

Tax tips for firefighters

What can you claim as a firefighter?

When the end of financial year rolls around, here’s what you can claim as a result of your firefighting duties.

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A young defacto couple completing their tax return with a tax agent

Tax for defactos

10% of Australians fall into the defacto category

Wondering what the rules are at tax time for defacto couples? 

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A person using a calculator, cropped to show just the calculator, hands and torso.

5 tips to prepare for tax time

Are you ready for tax time?

Thinking about what you'll need to complete your tax return? We've got five tips to get you started.

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Smiling man sitting in chair while holding smiling child

Being responsible with your credit card balance

How to use your credit card in a responsible way

Transfer your balance, make regular repayments, review your transactions and reduce your limit - these are some ways you can keep your credit card debt under control.

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House and coin stacks balancing on board atop wooden ball

Is there such a thing as good debt?

Debt can have a role to play in our lives and careers

As our lives and careers progress, borrowing money may be a key strategy in building a stronger financial future.

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A man using his hand to stop a row of dominoes from falling over.

Checking in on your financial health

Reviewing your financial habits should be a priority

With a new year in front of us, it’s time to take stock of your finances.

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A white puzzle with a missing piece.

Getting on top of your debts

Tips to keep on top of your debts

There are some important things to keep in mind to make debt consolidation work in the long term.

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Man in Christmas themed outfit on mobile phone at home

Have a scam free holiday season

Identify and protect yourself from the threat of scams this holiday season

The best hints, tips and resources to help you identify and protect yourself from the threat of scams this holiday season.

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How to build a better emergency fund

How to build a better emergency fund

Get prepared with an account to help you cover urgent expenses

Wanting to minimise the impact of costs that are urgent or unexpected? You may want to consider building an emergency fund.

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Man comparing credit cards online at home with young boy next to him

Comparing credit cards: what to consider

Find out what type of credit card is right for you

If you’re planning to get a credit card, it pays to find out which features you need, and what you need to consider when comparing options.

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Comparing personal loans and credit cards is like comparing apples to oranges.

Personal loan or credit card, what's better?

Learn more about personal loans and credit cards

There are many reasons why people turn to personal loans and credit cards to buy what they’re after, but is one better for you than the other?

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A man with dark hair has his arm out of a new car window holding his car keys.

Buying a new or used car, which is right for you?

Have the knowledge you need to make the right decision

Buying a new car? Knowing what you want and what to look for can help narrow down the decision between new and used.

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Person holding pen and looking at account information to consolidate debt

How to bounce back from debt

Put a plan in place to tackle your debt

If you have debt hanging about in these uncertain times and are looking to get back on top of it, we might be able to help with a few handy strategies.

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Credit report document with excellent credit score rating

What's inside your Credit Report?

We all draw on credit at one time or another

If you’ve never reviewed your credit report or you don’t know what a credit report is, now could be the time to learn.

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Grey haired man leaning against the window of a red car parked in suburban driveway

Should I get a car loan?

Decide which finance option is best suited to you

The recommendation by Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s MoneySmart is to make sure you shop around and do your research first.

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Four ways to manage your credit card balance

These are some ways you can keep your credit card debt under control

When used correctly, credit cards are a great way to build your credit rating and give you the freedom you need to make important purchases. 

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A couple using a laptop sitting on a lounge smiling.

5 reasons to check your home loan rate today

Get the most out of your home loan

You might be tempted to 'set and forget' your home loan, but it’s important to reconsider your options every now and then. Here’s why.

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