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A young woman shops safely on her laptop while clutching a mug of coffee

Tips to shop safely over the holiday season

Here are the most common techniques fraudsters use over the Christmas period and how to avoid them

Here are the most common techniques fraudsters use over the Christmas period and how to avoid them

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Two men walk along the beach on a sunny day.

Great winter break ideas that won’t blow the budget

Short winter breaks that are kind to your wallet

Take time out to recharge with these short, budget-friendly winter break ideas

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A man sits on the floor f his living room using personal finance banking apps on his phone.

Top 3 Personal Finance Apps

Take control of your finances with tools at your fingertips

Here are three money management apps to help you manage all aspects of your personal finances.

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A side shot of a person on their phone while practicing sustainable lifestyle habits by using a reusable shopping bag and coffee cup.

Making a difference with your finance, food and fashion

Lifestyle changes you can make to better our environment

From your finances to your fashion and food consumption, ensuring you’re an ethical consumer can lead to positive change.  

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Cupcakes with sprinkles in the shape of a Christmas tree

Ideas for ethical Christmas gifts

Our top ideas for an ethical Christmas

Check out our list of noteworthy Christmas gift ideas that are ethical, green and kind to the environment.

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Wanderlust in times of COVID

Wanderlust in times of COVID

Domestic trips you can take in times of COVID

With the world on pause in 2020, we look to some great trips you can take right here in Australia.

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Woman dealing with stress by biting nails at desk as she looks at her mobile phone

How to deal with stress

Explore ways to keep your stress in check

When it comes to dealing with stress, it’s best to know what the signs and causes are, and seek support or simple ways to deal with those in your control.

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Keypad and keys resting next to laptop on table

6 things everyone should know about online safety

Protect your personal information online

There are a few key ways that you can try and be more aware of your own responsibility when it comes to protecting your personal information on the internet.

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A man in a casual dress shirt and pants using his laptop to set business goals.

How to set business goals the SMART way

Defined goals can help your business grow

Learn how to set business goals and the common mistakes to avoid.

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Small business owner running an ethical business

Running an ethical business

Behaving in an ethical way doesn’t need to send you broke

If approached in the right way it may reduce costs and result in growth. And the good news; it doesn’t matter how small or large your business is, you can still build an ethical business.

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Firefighters Mutual Bank member, Keith Ashman with son-in-law, Troy Pepperell

All in the family

All in the family for ‘the best job you’ll ever have’

As a parent, there are few things better in life than your kids following in your footsteps, especially when it’s a career that you’ve dedicated over 20 years of service to.

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Firefighters Mutual Bank member, Geoff Hooler's Bedfors water tanker

Of necessity and nostalgia

Some of the most ingenious ideas and innovations happen by accident

Retired station commander and Firefighters Mutual Bank member, Geoff Hooler, shares his story of giving a Bedford water tanker the opportunity to serve again.

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Bob Hall, Desma Lindenbaur and Bill Beare

Meet our first staff member

Meet our first staff member, Desma Lindenbaur

Here, she reflects on her time with the bank and helps us celebrate our 50th anniversary.

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