Welcome FCCL Members!

The merger between Firefighters Credit Cooperative Limited (FCCL) is now complete and all FCCL Members are now part of Firefighters Mutual Bank. 

A message for FCCL Members

The merger between Firefighters Credit Cooperative Limited (FCCL) is now complete and all FCCL Members are now part of Firefighters Mutual Bank.

As a Member, you will have access to:

  • A wider range of products and services including a Credit card
  • Mobile Lenders who can visit your home or workplace to assist with your lending needs 
  • An extensive network of branches Australia wide. The Fitzroy Credit Co-operative office has now closed

Digital ways to bank including Internet and Mobile Banking:

  • Internet Banking - You can access Internet Banking via the Firefighters Mutual Bank website. To log into Internet Banking, simply enter your new Member number along with your existing Password. 
  • Mobile Banking - If you are an Internet Banking user and would like to use the new Mobile Banking App visit the App store or Google Play store and search for Firefighters Mutual Bank to download our Mobile App. Simply register on your mobile device using your new Member number along your existing Internet Banking Password.
  • Phone Banking - To log into Phone Banking, simply enter your new Member number along with your existing Password. Access Phone Banking from 1 May 2021 at 1800 800 225 and press 1 for Phone Banking. 

If you are not currently registered and would like to register for Phone or Internet Banking, please call us on 1800 800 225 or register online.

From 1 May 2021, please start using your new BSB 802-825 and Member number that was provided to you in your welcome letter dated 9 April 2021.

You will need these to:

  • Access your accounts via Internet Banking, Phone Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Ensure any payments you receive or send are processed to your accounts correctly

You can view the terms and conditions for all our products and services at www.fmbank.com.au

Alternate Account Numbers

Your alternate account numbers for your savings, term deposits and loan accounts have been modified by substituting the first two digits of the current number with a 62.


101000003 becomes 621000003

101015073 becomes 621015073

If you are using your alternate account number for receiving payments, please ensure you provide the updated number from 1 May 2021. These alternate account numbers are also displayed in Internet Banking:

Step 1: Login to Internet Banking from the login button on the Firefighters Mutual Bank website

Step 2: Click on the account you want to view to see the alternate account number

Step 3: You will see a list of your transactions and an option “View all Transaction and Account Details”

Step 4: Click on the “Account Details” tab. You will see your alternate account number displayed as “Account Ref” underneath the BSB.

Visa Debit Card

If you have a Visa Debit Card we will replace it with a new Firefighters Mutual Bank card by the end of May 2021. Once you have activated the card, you will have all of the features available at Firefighters Mutual Bank (Mobile Wallet – Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Bank@Post).

You will have until the end of July to transition over any recurring Visa debits. You can continue to use your current FCCL card until we notify you. We will send you a letter to explain further details when we send your replacement card. 

Other Access

If you have given someone else authority to operate on your account, you will need to update them with your new Member number and BSB.

About your Financial Statements

  • Your final FCCL April statement will be delivered in early May. To finalise your FY21 tax return, you will need to combine the interest earned, interest charged and withholding amounts from your FCCL and Firefighters Mutual Bank statements.
  • Statement frequency will continue unchanged, with Members receiving statements 6 monthly or monthly in line with your current selection.
  • Access to online statements is now in one place with no need for a separate Login and Access code. You can view your statements online, including your FCCL historical statements by logging into Internet Banking and clicking on “Account Activity” and then click on “Statements”.
  • Where you have authority to operate on another Members account, that authority will continue and you will be able to view accounts through Internet Banking. Should you require a statement on these accounts you will need to contact the account owner.