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Get an idea of how much tax you’ll pay on your annual earnings.

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In the emergency services, you have to deal with a lot of uncertainty, so don’t be uncertain about how much income tax you’ll pay this financial year. This calculator can give you an estimate of your net income and what you’ll pay in tax. 

Remember, if you have work-related expenses that you haven’t been reimbursed for, you can claim them in your tax return – see our tips for what you can claim as a firefighter. If you have a second job as a contractor or run your own side business, you’ll be required to keep records of your income and expenses so you’ll know what to declare to the Australian Tax Office at tax time, and you’ll be taxed differently on your second income. Regardless, knowing your weekly and annual net income will help you plan ahead for your budget. 

Get started by entering your annual income into our income tax calculator.